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Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Witches' Caldron

I am trying to get my home decorated for Halloween. I always have grand ideas to really do it up, have a fabulous party for my son and be the coolest house on the block. So far.......I have mum's on the porch and a few un-carved pumpkins. Sad. But I still have time, right?

With Elizabeth and Simone's Witches Caldron site completely dedicated to Halloween, I now have hope.

So when I clicked on this site, it gave me that feeling like "YES, I can do this." She has lots of cool Halloween photos for ideas and has done all the homework for where to find items you fall in love with.

Now............I must get busy.............If I'm decorating for Halloween, does that mean I can leave the floors dirty? That's scary isn't it? Or leave the cob webs up?


melissa@yummygoods said...

awesome! I love halloween.

restyled home said...

What a great site!! I always love finding people who love Halloween as much as me!!

Thanks for the link!!

andrea danielle said...

Ha ha....after I finished decorating my clients home, we walked out on her front porch and there were a bunch of spider web's....she said, "I think I'll leave those up for the party". Hey.. It's free decorating! love the creepy stuff...I'll have to go take a peek, but I am so done with halloween decorating!

noelmignon said...

It was a fun swap to be a part of! We have started a flicker group if you want to check out the goodies that were traded.

deb said...

What fun!! I hadn't seen this... but thanks to your Creative Blog I find the best links! :)

Laura B said...

Just found your blog! What wonderful halloween displays! I am too a creative blogger, here is a link to my blog,

Happy Sunday.

Jen R said...

Very cool site! I love the stamping projects!

Jodie said...

we have three mirrors lined up in a row in our kitchen and I cut out the letters "BOO" in black card stock and attached them. Sort of wishing I had done "EEK" now after seeing that cute candle idea!

Thanks for the inspiration!

Mrs. Jones said...

Oh, what a wonderful blog! I just love Halloween. I think it may be my favorite holiday. Thanks!

Joy said...

Yes, you MUST leave the cobwebs, they are the finishing touch! Great ideas here btw :)

cynthia said...

you can do it!
everyone needs a little inspiration...right ?

there's still time...good thing for you and me!