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Monday, October 1, 2007

Courtrooms are really ugly.

Thanks everyone for the nice comments and for those of you who think it's too with it. :) You know I say that jokingly. But I did change the font and make it larger, so hopefully that makes it easier to read.
OK.......... I have jury duty the next two weeks and because I am so cool, I was picked for a jury today. I think my feminist comment sealed the deal. That was not my intention. Of course I can't talk about the case here........not yet anyway. But I can say that the courtroom needs a serious update. The colors were drab drab drab.
Oh and the photo above? It's not a courthouse........that's where I was married 10 yrs ago. Edgefield. We just spent the night there on Saturday. It wasn't rainy the whole time, Thank God. I thought I better add a photo for your viewing pleasure.
Heading out for dinner and if I have time, I will post a feature tonight.


Sarah and Jack said...

heh, since I read through bloglines I hadn't even been to here to see the change. I love the green!

Becka said...

Love the green. have fun with Jury duty...I am an odd one and have always wished I could serve on a jury.

Jessica K. said...

Love the new blog look...maybe b/c I LOVE green!

capello said...

i like the green, but why do you have the google search thing? you have a search function on your blog in the top blogspot bar. :-)

just my two cents, since you asked. oh, wait, you didn't ask? well, um, oops?

Shelley said...

Hey is that the Mcmenamins Edgefield? I didn't know you were in Portland. My bestfriend got married there too.

Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

Yes, I'm in the Portland area! I lived in Portland for about 18 yrs before moving to Camas, across the river 5 yrs ago.