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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Rose Petal Betty

I know, I's not really a blog and I don't usually do commercial sites.... unless I feel like we've become friends in the blog world and I'm really really excited for you. And what you're doing is really really creative.
I featured Jill's blog when I first started. I love her blog. She's a mom, she's creative, she's got boys........and she has curly hair like me. I can relate to her on some levels........except she gets to play with all the new Karen Russell products before we do..........she's one of her best friends. Another Whatever moments........

Any hooo.........A few months ago, Jill was looking for a way to express her creativity as well as create a job she could do from she could be home with her boys. I will forever support any mom doing this.

Her hard work is done! Here is her new website with all her products. I am so proud of her. Her site looks great and the photos are amazing! It makes you want to smell every bar of soap. I personally need to order the salt scrub. I love those!

hmmmmm, are those karen russell frames around those photos? Rub it in pun intended.


nie nie said...

looks like good stuff.

Cindy ~ My Romantic Home said...

I'm going to check out her soaps now...those look great!

Catherine said...

Wonderful blog, wonderful concept~ We are all looking
for those wonderful creative
blogs, and finding a blog like
yours that features creative
blogs..awesome!! You have made
my boring saturday full of chores
a lot more enjoyable!!

Jill R said...

Thank you Kim! So nice of you to put my new site here.