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Monday, August 27, 2007

I just realized

when I posted a few photos from around my house, I mentioned that my table was named Katherine.........Because it was once named after her..........but "her who" someone asked. Ooops, I forgot to say it was Katherine Hepburn. Yes, my table was once owned by Katherine Hepburn.
Yes sir.

And I am feeling the love..........I will be posting a little something for a give away tomorrow. So get ready to comment!


Anonymous said...


*sound of jaw hitting the floor in sheer amazement and envy*

Sarah and Jack said...

Well, that really does make you say NO WAY! (Do you watch Seinfeld? The way that Elaine knocks people down when she says no way? Cracks me up. LOL)

jeanetta said...

how did you end up with a table once owned by the great kate?

Vanessa said...

Well, unless you have gone back and edited that post, you did say that it was Katherine Hepburn. I remember reading it and thinking that was pretty cool!

Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

yes, I did go back and edit it. :)

And I ended up with this table by buying it at a ritsy neighborhood sale. The woman was from California, the table belonged to her daughter, who had bought it from a friend who was related to Katherine. It was the table at their Pocono's home.
Who know's if it's true.......the lady didn't seem to be as impressed as I was. She was very eclectic, well taken care of and had moved recently from CA.
That's my story and I'm stickin to it. :)

Jane Weston said...

Whoa...that is cool. If only tables could talk...oh the stories it could tell!!!

melissa @ the inspired room said...

That's cool, I must say! Even if it isn't true, it makes a great story!

KKT said...

sweet! how cool is that?!