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Friday, June 15, 2007

Wendys World Art

I just found Wendy today! She left a comment and like I told you, I try to visit every site of each commentor. So come on leave me a comment!!!
I was thinking I should do something a little out of my norm. I love all the cottage stuff and of course the scrapbooking, but I also know that some of you may want a different inspiration at times.

Wendy has such cute designs and I love how she has made a business out of her talent so she can be home with her two toddlers. Two really cute toddlers I might add.

I always think I can paint something on canvas, then there's a rude awakening that happens when I try. Not pretty people. I did paint a treasure map on a large piece of canvas once for my son's should have seen me sweatin. Basically brown blobs for islands. But my son thinks it's cool and no one see's his room anyway. So it's all good.

Now if I had only known Wendy, I bet she can paint a mean treasure map. She does personalized paintings too. Like the one below. Hey! My Son's name is Lucas! No wonder I chose that one. :)

She also makes some other cute things, but I was focused on the paintings. So go visit her and remember..........tell her I sent you. :)


Anonymous said...

Wendy is wonderful!!!

Sibylle said...

Lovein her art work. I'm no where near as talented with a paint brush!

Hear Me Roar! said...

You find the BEST things to look at. I enjoy checking out YOUR blog, because then I don't have to spend hours looking for all the cute sites you find. Oh wait... I DO spend hours...

Butterfly said...

I visit this blog every day. I'm always excited to find something new and wonderful here.

Wendy has some gorgeous designs. It's always inspiring to read about those who are able to make a living from their hobbies.

Keep at it Kim, I can't live without this blog...


Jude said...

I just found this through SISTv, and I love it! You have found some great creative inspiration, epscially the bed springs, that is so cool!

CreativeOutletDesigns said...

oh yeah! wendy is super sweet!

wendysworldart said...

oh wow, I feel so honored to have been featured and then to come on here and see all the sweet comments. Thanks so much everyone! Today is a good day!!!