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Friday, June 22, 2007


Joe is a guy! A man! Not a woman..............and he is an amazing scrapbooker! Not that men can't scrapbook.........but you gotta admit, it's not everyday you run into a male scrapper. He's got an amazing style............and a cute little dog.
Love his doodling writing on these little gems.

OK, here's the proof.........a layout about beer! What no Starbucks? :)

I forgot to mention that Nancy from sent me Joe's link last week. Thanks Nancy!

Keep sending me links everyone. The more we find, the more we stay inspired!


Summers Camp said...

What a hoot! I love his composition.

Jolene George said...

WOW! He is really GOOD!!! He has a good eye for design.

tspwlv said...

It is really cool to see LOs done in a guy's style. He's a great scrapper, seems like a cool guy and knows all the lingo!

kristin said...

yes, yes, yes.

Summers Camp said...

You want links do you?! Well try this one on for size:

What was that? You want more???
Here you go:
Not satiated, eh? Fine:
And one more, for kicks:

Links girl?! Pllllease. I've got links to boot! ;)

kerry lynn said...

yay for man scrappers!!

Bucket said...

I LOVE JOE!! He is the most amazing scrapper ever!!