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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Manda at TreeFall

I have really enjoyed Manda's blog. Her attention to detail in her sewing is amazing. How did she ever come up with all those cute little dogs? I love that she used socks!
Her blog is an easy read. She is candid about life and what's going on with her, you find yourself feeling like an old friend.

I am So in love with her pear pillows and I love it even more that she calls them cushions. And look at those bags! Wouldn't those make the best library bags ever?

She has an adorable little girl with the cutest belly......named Bella. Bella has been known to kidnap Manda's creations for a test drive. Cute cute girl.

If I could sew, I would totally copy her.


Thimbleanna said...

So glad to see you feature Treefall. She's one of my favorites!

Sibylle said...

I love this pretty blog of yours. But,my dear you are costing me $$$$. Ofcourse, my home thanks you.

Jolene George said...

She is a very talented girl. Look at all those fun creations! I can see why Bella takes them out for a test run. :o)

Felicia said...

What adorable creatures!