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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Kim Haynes!

I asked for a few ideas for photography sites and I got some! Thanks! Love them all.

Heidi sent me Kim Haynes' site. I was a first time visitor to her site, so I haven't spent a ton of time there. But in the little time I did spend, I found out that she only started to take photos a year ago.............A YEAR AGO! That right there is so inspiring. It's one of my dreams to take photos like this..........but first I need a fancy pants camera. My great little point and shoot isn't going to do the trick.
I found her photography simple and refreshing. She captures some sweet moments and I have to wonder if she developed that trait by being a scrapbooker first? Love the little plummer butt.

I also found her scrapping style very appealing. Love it! Reminds me of Sande Kreiger's, who I completly always try to copy. :) You know I love overlayed circles! It's my weakness.


Christy said...

I just linked to this blog from Jen's cottage nest and what a great idea for a blog. I look forward to going back and looking through all of the blogs you've introduced.

Jolene George said...

She is a wonderful photographer and scrapbooker. Great choice!

Di Hickman said...

love those photo's! awesome photography! wow! thanks for sharing!

NancyJones said...

WOOOOOAHHH SHE IS AWESOME I LOVE her photography style (YES I NEED one of them fancy pants cameras too i think) YOU ROCK on these choices girl!!