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Monday, April 16, 2007

Jill Radley!

Sorry guys, I'm a little late today. It's been a crazy day.
Today's Creative feature is Jill Radley.

The girl can scrap, sew, take great photos and as of late...........she has started a new business and blog selling soaps and lotions. Her new blog is

From being a long time reader of her blog, I have learned she is a dedicated mom trying to find her nitch for working at home. She found it and I can't wait to try some of her products.

Of course Jill is great at scrapbooking........Karen Russell is her best friend. How lucky is that? Just think of the products she may get to play with way earlier than the rest of us.

Check out both blogs of Jills. You'll enjoy her down home approach.

I love this photo of her son! Great job Jill.


Anonymous said...

Wowza!! Thanks!! You just really perked up my day.... I just love this idea for a blog, I'm looking forward to seeing who else you come up with. :)

paige said...

oh my...i love her layouts!!! & friends with karen russell....another one of my favs!!
love the beach layout! i am so inspired