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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I can’t stop…..

Organizing that is….or at least thinking about it.  I get nibbled by the organizing bug a couple of times a year and this is one of them.  Must be all the sales on totes this time of year. 

I’ve had Organize and Decorate Everything in my FFF (future feature file) for awhile now.  Seems like the perfect time for her TCB debut, don’t you think.

Her site is full of great ideas on how to organize for pretty much anything and everything.  Like using shoe organizers for many many different uses.  You have to visit her site to see. (psst….I use mine as a first aid supplies upstairs in my linen supply closet)sany0155-150x150She knows her stuff……she’s got eight kids from crying out loud…….you’d have to be organized, or you’d forget to feed one of them.  Well, I would anyway.  If I had eight kids, I would easily be the poster child for that T-shirt that says “I forgot the baby on the bus”.  Having only one child, it’s hard to forget……so far I’m doing good. 

You can also pick up some fun creative crafty ideas too.   Sounds like a heavenly site doesn’t it?

Shhh……I won’t tell, but I am guessing there may be a couple of you that still  haven’t put away Christmas.  Shhhhh….Well she may be perfect at getting you started.  I wish I would have read her post before throwing all my stuff in totes.  It’s a free for all here……and I actually wrote myself a note to remind myself to re-organize EVERYTHING next year when I pull them out.  I did.  I love this idea with the plastic cups.  Perfect for organizing all those delicate ornaments.SS859903-300x225Place more tissue on top and they are nestled in for another year. SS859922-300x225Ziplock bags are our friends!  I actually use many ziplock bags with my holiday decor storage…….glad I’m doing something right.SS859924-300x225

Adding to our theme yesterday…….organizing our craft supplies, she’s got a few ideas that you can implement today.  Always love the basket storing wrapping paper idea.  Looks pretty too.SS859721-225x300Look at her purdy craft drawers.  I wanna see inside.  SS859770-300x225She makes fun stuff in this little area of hers.  I’ve seen these darling clips several places now.  I’ve been been sent some from one of my features.  Such a great gift idea or perfect way to dress up any memo board.  You can use paper or fabric.SS859636-300x225She uses hers on these cute tins…….Darling isn’t it?SS859648-225x300What I love about writing TCB and cruising around for creative blogs, is I am sometimes reminded of crafts I want to do.  I have ALWAYS wanted to do this……ALWAYS.  And I still haven’t.  SS857535-300x225Make desert stands, cake stands from Goodwill plates and vases.  What a beautiful way to recycle.  She shows a tutorial……TUTORIAL!SS8575071-225x300I’m happy to see that paint is also her friend.  You know how I like to paint things.  SS859944-300x225She found these snow flakes and decided they needed to be white…….like real snowflakes…..she added them along with a darling winter banner to her mantle for her winter decor. SS859943-300x225      Can you handle one more idea?  This is another one I keep meaning to do.  A place to hang your earrings.  A pretty place to hang your earrings.  She made it.  She’ll show you too.


   Now go make me look good…….go leave her a ton of comments!


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Molly Potter said...

That thrown me into a spasm...being naturally unorganised, I can appreciate a good bit of organisation from others but that was one step too far and I have found myself throwing things sround and messing everything up in a fiercely adverse reaction.

not really

Delia said...

All wonderful ideas. I love the cake plate idea. Thank you starting my day in a creative way!

Silvia said...

great ideas, you really are good..thank's

Company EIGHT said...

I :heart: organization...thanks for the post!

I made the covered clothespins awhile back, and LOVE them!

SoBella Creations said...

I love it when everything has a special place.

Lynn Kellan said...

This is so appropriate for me - I'm just getting ready to organize our basement. Thanks for the inspiration!

Simply Me... said...

I love coming and looking around just wish your picture's were a little bit bigger! I could help with that if you need it :)


Teresa said...

These tips area great!
I just got the Better Homes & Gardens ORGANIZE mag. for some great ideas!

Volume23 said...

I am so not an organized person.. piles everywhere ;) but i'm glad i can see a light at the end of the tunnel.. That always helps!!!

Also if you get a chance.. come check out my giveaway! :)

Leanne said...

Oh my gosh, Kim! Thanks so much for the feature. I was so surprised and honored. Sometimes I wonder if anyone reads about my little ideas and projects, now I know at least a few do. I love your blog. I am so inspired in so many ways. Thanks and keep up the good work.

Sarah said...

Thanks, I'm going to check her out... NOW! :)
God's blessings, Sarah

cindy said...

Leanne is amazing! Love her blog, and her down-to-earth tips and tricks for organizing. She's one heck of a decorator too :)

Great feature...and you always make me giggle :)

Moore Minutes said...

Leanne always has such SMART ideas! She is so inspiring with organization and so much more. :) I am LOVING the idea of putting ornaments in plastic cups.