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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Get Your Craft On

Grab Our Button!
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Feels good to be back on course…… least that’s what I’m telling myself.  I’m counting on all of you to inspire me! Show me something you’ve made, created, cooked, designed.  I want to see it all. If it took creativity of any sort….link it.  Let’s get crazy!  Pass it on….post my button so others will see it and find their way here to post their creative goodness……it’s contagious!  Let’s hit 200 links….can we?  I’m almost giddy!


Kandra said...

Is there a smaller button? The one that's posted is too big for my sidebar.

Kandra @

Miss Jody said...

Thanks for the button :)
I put in on my blog!

Unknown said...

Great idea for a party! I'm so excited to check out the other ideas, feeling crafty with all of the snowing falling outside. :)

Heather said...

I too would like a smaller button, but still posted it on my links page. Thanks for the hook up & Happy New Year Kim! :)

The Gift Closet

Kim -today's creative blog said...

Ladies, the Get Your Craft On button is designed to be placed in your posting area. If you're looking for a smaller button, you can find my "I love TCB" button at the bottom of my blog.
Thanks for posting!

Ana White said...

Thanks for hosting the link party! This is my first time attending, and I left a couple of links, if that's okay?

Thanks again. Love your blog, love being able to look through what others have accomplished!


Maggie Muggins said...

I'm back for another party! Thanks for hosting these. I really love seeing everyone else's great ideas and being inspired.

Sonia said...

Thanks for the great links, to which I added mine too..Feels fun to be able to show all special links on your blog!!

sahmqueen said...

I've been a "lurker" for a while now. Your "Get Your Craft On" post has inspired me to jump in and let others actually see what I'm doing. I've never considered myself to be very "crafty" but I am having so much fun, I don't really care if I mess up now.

Anonymous said...

thanks kim for hosting a great party! so much great stuff to look at!

Anne said...

Thank you so much for the linking fun! It is so fun to find new and exciting craft ideas! Make sure to come visit my site as well...I am hosting a "best crafts from 2009" pick your best craft and come enter! YAY!

<a href=">2009 creative crafts contest</a>

Anne said...

sorry it didn't accept the html. oops. here you go without all the jumbo mess.