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Monday, August 10, 2009

Made By Girl

While writing my post on The Purple Pea she was sweet enough to email me and let me know that one of the photos was actually from Made By Girl.  That struck a cord with me…….I’ve also had Made By Girl in my FFF forever.  I don’t know why it took me so long to feature Jennifer Ramos……IMG_0698aaBesides getting lost in my FFF……but… Maybe because she intimidates me just a little………or maybe because she’s just a well known artist with all kinds of attention and coverage……..she doesn’t need TCB gushing over her work…..I’m just a girl who likes to shop at yardsales…….…. so does that mean she shouldn’t be recognized?  After a quick attitude adjustment, I realized I was discriminating against her because she’s so successful………tisk tisk.  She’s an amazing artist………..and she should be recognized……she may be new to some of you……...and besides she uses recycled paper for her cards.  I was a fan right away………even though she doesn’t have MY blog listed with everyone else and their dog.  It’s  OK………really.  :)

I have seen her work so many times without realizing it was hers.  She very popular in BlogLand.


Who doesn’t love this chandelier?  She makes simple clean prints in many different colors.  I love her play on color.  

Like this below.  Who would have ever thought it would look good in pink and green? 


Like all her work, it’s simple with a bold statement.  It’s perfect grouped together with other art pieces or alone.  Love-candy-cotton-candy7a

I may purchase something just to get a cute wrapped package of my own.  Who care's  what’s inside.



I just saw this like yesterday………didn’t realize it was hers.  You can buy it in her Etsy shop.  See it was fate that I feature her.  She was coming up one way or another in the past week.  Do you think she’ll post my featured button her  blog?  Or will she think it’s silly? 

blogsandtea2   She’s got a true designers eye and you can see that with all the amazing photos she posts………it’s like going to design school thumbing through her blog.  Simple is beautiful. 

Don’t be intimidated……..leave her a message.  She’s human after   all.


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Unknown said...

She is truly amazing, great post!

Ashleigh said...

Oh my. Thank you so much for sharing her with us! I'm overwhelmed by her greatness and I am so ordering a print from her shop for my daughters room. Yay!

Kristen, pajama mama said...

okay, how have i never stumbled on her blog before? she's huge!...okay, off to peruse...

Anonymous said...

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Cheers, Keep it up.

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