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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Bari J.

I found Bari J. on Twitter.  She’s got a cute picture with a friendly smile….I was instantly drawn to her warm vibe………..because we all know there are some pretty crazy vibes on Twitter. 

Clicking on Bari’s blog was like opening up a jar full of candy.  The color!  The soothing blog design……….and her energy.  She is another wonderfully talented woman who has brought her dream to life and became a fabric designer.  She is giddy over her overnight success.6a00d8347b268b53ef01156f84fd8e970c-450wi It’s the humble designers I love the most……her talent most certainly has not gone to her head.  6a00d8347b268b53ef01156fac579b970c-450wiHer personality shines in her designs……hey, that rhymes……. Not only does she design fabric, but also blog headers, business cards and these cute little vintage labels……..the labels are free.

vintagedetailCan’t wait to print those babies off. 

Below is a photo of her studio…..I need to start collecting fabric………even though I don’t sew…..I love the way it looks and I love that shabby cabinet……..I’d have to have one of those too.6a00d8347b268b53ef0112793de97c28a4-450wi

Because she’s just that good………..she can make a bowl of scraps look good.  Isn’t the photo beautiful?  That would make a cool post card or business card……….hint hint Bari.


Because she likes playing with fabric…..she makes really cool hand bags.  Really cool.  6a00d8347b268b53ef01156e55e969970c-450wi 6a00d8347b268b53ef01156f6ba2d5970c-450wi  Love them all, but this one below has my heart.6a00d8347b268b53ef010536554323970c-450wi Wait a minute……this one……..this is the one…….that would look so good draped over my shoulder.



Now if designing fabric AND graphic stuff AND sewing isn’t enough for this lady, she has taken it upon herself to add a bit of sugar to her cloths…..this was a coat from Banana Republic that she decided to jazz up a bit.  6a00d8347b268b53ef01157061cc17970b-450wiI know could you just die? 

And besides making cute hand bags, quilts, designs…….she make pretty cute children too.  The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree for sure.6a00d8347b268b53ef01127962f8f128a4-450wi

See those jeans?  She….the daughter designed her little pattern and glued it on….atta a girl…….glue!  NO SEWING!

6a00d8347b268b53ef0112794681b028a4-450wi        Tutorials on an apron and a pin cushion can also be found on her site too.  Now don’t stumble over each other…….there’s room for everyone.  Go pay her a visit…….no pushing.

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Gwen said...

Eye candy is right! I think that I am in creative lala land!

meg duerksen said...

oh wow! she looks like i will love her instantly kim.
i am going over in just a moment.
glad you are back from the lake!

Jenny said...

I love the birds on the branch bag. It is gorgeous.

Julie @ Little One-of-a-Kind Design said...

that shabby cabinet is so great...wish I stumble upon one like that!

ale said...

hola!!first time l m in this blog...very very interesting!!!! l m happy to meet so creative so inspiring..!!!!!
bye!!from buenos aires...ale.

nicolette said...

It's a splash of color...patterns...well, creativity in general. Amazing bag!


Linda said...

just ran into your blog. what is the name of Bari J's blog? She has darling stuff and by the way I love your blog.

Kim -today's creative blog said...

bari j's blog is Bari J. Just click on the link.

jeanne @ Inspiring Ideas said...

Fun! Gotta check out the no-sew jeans!