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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Shabby Miss Jenn

If you're a Digital scrapbooker..........a digi girl, then this site is not new to you. You probably own bits and pieces of Miss Jenn.
Shabby Miss Jen........ If anyone can sway me to digital scrapbooking it would be her (and Sande Krieger.)

Her digi designs look like paper to me. I have to look at her layouts and remind myself that they are indeed digital. I think that's a compliment to digi designers........isn't it?

Miss Jenn designs all these fabulous amazing kits...........and she has a large design team. She's got it goin on.......... I would love to be that talented with the computer. Designing elements? WOW! I would totally love that. But I would probably have to at least figure out my Photoshop Elements 4.0 first. I even bought the book PhotoShop for Dummies and it's still too complicated.

But Jen also has a tutorial section. I am SO there! I bet she explains things in terms I can understand. It's not surprising that she's published in some of the best scrapbook magazines out there..........She's such a show off........... :) You know I'm just jealous, she really does deserve it. She makes it look so easy.................. I mean look at it below. So cute!More cuteness!

I couldn't resist another photo of a pink dresser! Is that not the sweetest piece of furniture? And it's distressed. Love!

She also did this little bench! The girls got vision. And look at the way she stages her shots? Beautiful. That shabby watering can is the perfect companion for this stool.

And this! THIS! I LOVE this button storage box. Character...........that pretty much sums up Shabby Miss Jen.........lots and lots of character.

This is something she used to plan a trip. The whole look is so appealing. The vintage border, the large flower on the left, the ribbons and topped off with a strawberry. I think.........I think this was her list for planning her trip to Oregon. Seaside! I am only a little over an hour away. I'm sure we would have had dinner had she known I was so close. :)

First of all, that shabby pink distressed item really really should be mine. Perfect plate to go with it.

Miss Jenn is well rounded in her talents. She designs of kick butt digi kits.........she's an awesome business woman.......she got an eye for droolable (it's a new word) shabby decor. Once again, though..........she really needs to show us more of her home........inside and out. Don't be shy Miss Jenn. We really would love to sneak a peek.

Go check her out. There are several links to other parts of her. Enjoy. Don't forget to tell her I sent you. :)

Happy Halloween everyone!

Monday, October 29, 2007

the joy of...........

I get home today, open up my email and I get the sweetest comment from Joy. She loves my blog! (blushing)
I click on her blog to check in and I am loving what I see. I already had her in my future feature file, so it was an easy pick today! EASY PEASY! She totally deserves some Creative Blog Love. It always helps to schmooze me.......... :)

Joy is the queen of finding the best junk. Look at all this stuff. I admire people who can look at these treasures and then actually have a plan for them. I haven't gotten there yet. I'm good with furniture, and paper, but not junk..........yet.
These two creations she just did today. And she stayed in her jammies past 11am! Can you imagine? I've never done that, have you? he he he...........You can see all the junk parts on her blog.........first page. It's amazing really that she created these beauties..........not that she's not's because she IS talented and I would never have seen the connection between the materials........the mixing, the matching. You can find these in her shop. The Hope Jar.

Speaking of The Hope Jar........ She's got all kinds of stuff there for us creative decorating people. Very reasonable finds. Old buttons, vintage paper..........go go go.
Now this fine piece of furniture really caught my eye. Can you imagine having this in your own craft space? I would LOVE it! I would marry it. Just think of all the stuff you could store in there. And to have drink mixin's so close......... that room must be heaven.
Adorable clip boards..........wouldn't this be cute hung on the wall for notes and such? I also noticed these in her shop.
This is where Joy needs to throw me a bone. Look at that kitchen! Come on....... I need to see photos of the kitchen without all your loving family covering it up. Yes, yes, I know you love them, but I'm sure they wouldn't mind hanging out in the living room for a moment. There is also a photo of her children sporting their Halloween costumes on her blog and you can see just a glimpse of what looks like a fabulous hutch or something. It's creamy, distressed............she really needs to stop being selfish with her furniture.

When you get a chance.........after leaving me a comment of course.........go check out Joy's creations. I will never look at junk the same. Don't forget to show her some love........she's so sweet, we wouldn't want to hurt her feelings. :)

If you love Today's Creative Blog......I have a blinkie for you too. Just email me for the code so you can add it to your blog! You can see it to the right. The green and blue one.

Friday, October 26, 2007

We will Always Have Paris

We will Always have Paris....
This girl is a scrap deal know it all! She lives scrapbooking with gusto! If you want to know where the deals are or what the new lines are........just read her blog.

She also has some serious paper craft eye candy. I love this paper cake displayed on a cake stand. Great option instead of flowers or some other decorative item.......especially for a scrap room/studio.

Could you just DIE!? A pink desk! I say PAINT YOUR FURNITURE! It's so cute. More photos of her crafty space where she makes it all happen. She proclaims to be a Bazzill and Basic Grey Junkie! I believe her. I need her to come organize my paper. She has the BESTEST idea for storing stamps. The BEST! She gets these frames shown below.......
And places her stamps inside........then places them inside these shelves that she shows on her blog how to make. The whole tutorial is on her blog in the Aug Archives. Genius! And she makes some pretty stuff too...........

I love that she keeps us updated with coupon news, sales, etc...... I'm glad someone is willing to save us some money.
Head over and see all her wonderful ideas! Don't forget to leave her a wonderful comment! :)
Click HERE

Thursday, October 25, 2007


Blog list ~ It's not complete. I still have another 20-30 blogs to re-post. When I added my fancy background, it erased my link list. So if you're supposed to be on there and you don't see your didn't suddenly become non-creative to me. I'm working on it bit by bit.

SPANKING~ tisk tisk **standing with hands on my hips**.........I was just over visiting Cynthia's blog and Ellen's blog. My last two features. I love to see if featured bloggers mention their feature. Love that! I also love to see how many comments they receive. Guess how many comments they received from the most fabulous Creative Blog readers? Ellen received ONE and Cynthia received ZERO............bend over girls.

No new Feature today~ Since you're not going to leave them comments...........Just teasing....... :) Remember it's hell I've eaten 2 reese's and 2 kitkat bite size bars. Eating that after teaching all day, before eating protein is a sure way to get a headache. Plus I need to go watch last week's survivor before my perfect son gets home, so we can watch it all together tonight. I would possibly have time later, but we also have our parent/teacher conference this evening.

Let's see........what other boring tidbits of my life can I tell you about? Hmmm.....couples bunco with Treva tomorrow. Oh you can check her blog out. She has finally updated it........and she's just plain crazy. You can see her dancing the robot with my son on my personal blog........and below. And my kitchen is a disaster. This was after the Trunk show of Jane's handbags and Treva's jewelery. FUN night.
My new handbags........Love this red one! It's like my mango one.And this new one. It's the one I'm sporting this week. I am so hip. You can buy these bags HERE because Jane doesn't have a blog or etsy shop.........YET!
And I was tagged. 8 random wierd things about me.
1. I can't drink soda out of a can.
2. I can't stand overhead lighting........ewwww
3. I don't like music on blogs........but if I like the song, I will listen to the song first, then turn down my speakers so I can read.
4. I used to swim in a ditch on our farm.
5. I have a crooked tooth on the bottom that allows me to whistle a cool whistle. When I had braces, and they became straight.......I lost my whistle. I lost my retainer and my tooth is crooked again. Yeah!
6. I have over 50 cousins..........and I'm not close with any.
7. Steve PreFontaine used babysit me.
8. I have two B.S. degree's (that I didn't need) :)

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Come Sit Awhile

Cynthia has a cute and fun little blog. I think I may have met my soul sister when it comes to doting on our sons. I connected with her right away. She has one son and I have one son..... Mothers of only's, being boys........some people may think we over do it. But I have a feeling she's in my camp on this one. WE DON'T CARE. Our sons are adorable and that's that! :)

This photo below caught my eye.......can you guess why? Yes, yes he is adorable, and he's cleaning.........but look at that wire tiered basket! And that rooster!

This was one of those photos where you feel like a peeping Tom. You know you do it. At night while driving or walking you try your hardest to get a glimpse into someone home.........not to see people, but decor. Halloween is coming. That's the perfect time to get a little decor peeping in. When they open the door to give out the candy.....that's your chance.

Look at this little guys room. What a great boys room. So cute! That distressed RED bed is so perfect.And she scraps. Love the bold simple look. What a cute topic to scrap. Love those small moments that make us laugh.

I absolutely love this shadow box Monogram made out of colored pencils! My mind is already burnin on how I am going to make this. I think she should do a tutorial, don't you? And couldn't you do this with crayons? What a great way to recycle all those broken crayons.

Her other crafty talents are these stamped jewelery pieces. She sells them and it looks like she has one featured for the month. Wouldn't these make a great Christmas Present for the Mom inlaw? Then her kitchen is nice. I love white creamy cabinets. Would love to see more of her home. What I really want to know is...........Does she really cook in those pots and pans? Talk about incentive to get them really clean afterwards. Beautiful. I want some. I bet food just taste better.........even if it's Kraft mac & cheeseHead on over and see COME SIT AWHILE..................after you leave me a comment first! :)

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Ellen Crimi -Trent

Don't you love it when things work out so perfectly? When things are right where you need them to be at the right moment?
That's how I felt today after arriving home and needing to post a blog for all you creative hungry souls. As some of you know, I have a "future feature file" I plop any blog I find fun, inspiring, and amazing in to.

Well today, I open my email and see an email from Ellen telling me how much she loves my blogs..........oh stop.......really......tell me more......... :) She included her blog and Holy Moly girlfriends..........this girl and what she does is so interesting.

Ellen is a designer, an artist and most importantly a Mom. She makes her living or is it she lives to make.......isn't that how we all are? She makes her living designing designs and products for department stores! We have all seen her designs! JoAnne's, Bed Bath and Beyond, Fred Meyer's to name a few. At first look, this curio may look like a decorating theme gone bad........but she designed ALL that stuff! Can you imagine walking down the isle of Target......yes she designs for them too.......and seeing YOUR design? I would probably do a cartwheel right there.........and believe it or not, it wouldn't be the first time I've done a cartwheel in a store. I haven't done one in a store since I turned 46...........but if my designs were all over, I would do one.........really.
She also wants to paint this curio white.......she's not a dark wood person. Her husband doesn't want her to paint it. I say paint it! Wait til he goes out of town..........paint it. I'm not a dark wood person either. What do you say girls? PAINT IT!

I was just in Fred Meyer yesterday (a NW one stop shopping store) shopping for a few chocolate... and I saw these balls..........THESE BALLS! Aren't they cute? Little did I know that I would meet the woman in blogland today who designed those faces. How odd is that?! I can't wait til I go back to the store and casually say loud enough for bystanders to hear..."oh, there's Ellen's designs, she emailed me today........that Ellen, she is so talented."Here's some baby fabric she designed for JoAnne's.

And because she's a good mom, she must design something around the house for the upcoming holiday. I love this. I had this idea to paint some twigs..........mine are still not painted and in the garage........she actually painted hers and did something with them. Scroll gets better.SEE! How cool is that?!And you all know how I LOVE a tutorial! LOVE THEM! Did I say that loud enough?

I am quite intrigued with Ellen. I find it so interesting how she makes her living. I hope she shares more details in her blog.

I need to go Ellenize my home with some new decor.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Shawn with Auntie Pea's

Auntie Pea's

I first met Shawn last week when she responded to my plea for Blinkie help. She sent a simple email stating that she could probably help me out. She soon realized after learning that I only wanted a very simple design and that I possessed NO skills myself...........but I thought I could do it......yes, I am delusional at times..........Anyway, she realized that it would probably be much easier to design it herself instead of trying to teach me. Never does she mention her blog. Never. She does mention that she's been a reader (lurker) since I started (in April). I ask for her blog and she humbly gives it to me...That's when I started feeling like a real dork. I had been emailing back and forth with someone who was a very talented blog and web designer. I tried not to feel too small or untalented in that moment, reminding myself that we all have worth. I was so so so excited that she was making me a blinkie! EXCITED! I knew that whatever she made would be perfect.......all she asked for were the colors I had in mind. And look at it blinking over there to the right............isn't it not perfect? Needless to say.............a new blog look will be coming someday designed by the Miss Auntie Pea Shawn. I can hardly stand it......... Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would be able to afford something like this.........but LOOK! She is reasonable! Shhhh, don't tell her, she may soon realize her true worth and up her prices. So, I suggest if you are looking for a new banner...........get on it! If I wasn't already completely impressed with her computer skills, I start seeing that she is also a talented digital scrapbooking artist!
Here is one of her layouts.........digi layouts. She has such a hip look to her creations.She posts these To Do lists every now and then. I love them! What a great way to stay on task.

And these calendars are SO SO SO cute!

AND...........she sews!

She has an etsy shop, so if you see something you can't live without.......your in luck. Look at that ruffled purse!

Go visit the ever so talented Miss Shawn. She had a tough week and could use some bloggity love from a few of us creative souls.

psst..........she's got really cute hair!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Creative minds think alike

Shannon over at Eight Crazy sent me an email today saying she had been thinking that I needed a blinkie for all Featured Bloggers. She didn't know that I had been wanting one, and didn't know that Shawn did one for me until she checked in today.

So this is the blinkie she designed. Isn't it cute?! And how nice of her. She is so sweet and she even lives within 20 miles of me. I'm thinking she should give me a lesson in cake making.

Since I already had a blinkie for my Featured Bloggers, I thought it would be nice to offer this one to anyone who just loved Creative Blogs to post it on their site. So, if you want this blinkie........

email me for the code. Krjdemmon[at]comcast[dot]net