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Thursday, October 25, 2007


Blog list ~ It's not complete. I still have another 20-30 blogs to re-post. When I added my fancy background, it erased my link list. So if you're supposed to be on there and you don't see your didn't suddenly become non-creative to me. I'm working on it bit by bit.

SPANKING~ tisk tisk **standing with hands on my hips**.........I was just over visiting Cynthia's blog and Ellen's blog. My last two features. I love to see if featured bloggers mention their feature. Love that! I also love to see how many comments they receive. Guess how many comments they received from the most fabulous Creative Blog readers? Ellen received ONE and Cynthia received ZERO............bend over girls.

No new Feature today~ Since you're not going to leave them comments...........Just teasing....... :) Remember it's hell I've eaten 2 reese's and 2 kitkat bite size bars. Eating that after teaching all day, before eating protein is a sure way to get a headache. Plus I need to go watch last week's survivor before my perfect son gets home, so we can watch it all together tonight. I would possibly have time later, but we also have our parent/teacher conference this evening.

Let's see........what other boring tidbits of my life can I tell you about? Hmmm.....couples bunco with Treva tomorrow. Oh you can check her blog out. She has finally updated it........and she's just plain crazy. You can see her dancing the robot with my son on my personal blog........and below. And my kitchen is a disaster. This was after the Trunk show of Jane's handbags and Treva's jewelery. FUN night.
My new handbags........Love this red one! It's like my mango one.And this new one. It's the one I'm sporting this week. I am so hip. You can buy these bags HERE because Jane doesn't have a blog or etsy shop.........YET!
And I was tagged. 8 random wierd things about me.
1. I can't drink soda out of a can.
2. I can't stand overhead lighting........ewwww
3. I don't like music on blogs........but if I like the song, I will listen to the song first, then turn down my speakers so I can read.
4. I used to swim in a ditch on our farm.
5. I have a crooked tooth on the bottom that allows me to whistle a cool whistle. When I had braces, and they became straight.......I lost my whistle. I lost my retainer and my tooth is crooked again. Yeah!
6. I have over 50 cousins..........and I'm not close with any.
7. Steve PreFontaine used babysit me.
8. I have two B.S. degree's (that I didn't need) :)


Anonymous said...

Love Bunco, your new Bags, and your Blog!

Anonymous said...

Oh no! That happened to me once. Losing my mile long link list with a background redo.

Unknown said...

steve prefontain!!!!
nooo freking way!!!!
my husband loves him. he coaches cross country and track and absolutely loves his story. we have both the movies and the documentary they made about him. i cant believe it. he's going to flip.

Jennifer in MS said...

Cute picture of you! LOL

Love that red purse!

I don't like music on blogs either.....I just can't hear it and read at the same time! :0)

Enjoyed your post and your 8 things!

Have a great night!

Lain said...

No music on blogs! I am always cruising late at night and it scares the bejeebers out of me -- plus wakes the kids up!
Love the bags but the link doesn't work -- could you repost??

Nancywithajones said...

whooops sorry cuz i love my music on my blog its what I listen to when I scrap rofl! SO IF YOU GO TO MY BLOG... TURN DOWN YOUR SPEAKERS!!

and IM not gonna comment on the B.S. degrees ::giggle::

Nancywithajones said...


Anonymous said...

I have to turn down music too when I read blogs :)

Seems comments are slow everywhere right now...quel drag! :)

Anonymous said...

That's not true! I left a comment on Cynthia's blog! ....I just happened to leave it on a different post than the one where she reported that she had been featured here. Oooops. ~A :-)

Anonymous said...

you are soo funny with the robot dance!!! Love it

Anonymous said...

That's okay. I am sitting on a nursing degree and a computer information systems B.S. degree that will be so outdated by the time I enter back into the workforce that I may just have to go back and get another one!

Kim -today's creative blog said...

I am flattered that some of you think that's me doing the robot. That's Treva. She's much prettier.....and skinnier than me. :)

Mrs. Jones said...

Ooops, I'll take my spanking. I forgot to post on Ellen's blog. I did post on Cynthia's, but on an older post.

I'm about to have a purse party too. I'm so excited!

Lucy R. E. said...

Pre was your BABYSITTER?!?! That's crazy/fantastic/amazing.