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Monday, October 22, 2007

Shawn with Auntie Pea's

Auntie Pea's

I first met Shawn last week when she responded to my plea for Blinkie help. She sent a simple email stating that she could probably help me out. She soon realized after learning that I only wanted a very simple design and that I possessed NO skills myself...........but I thought I could do it......yes, I am delusional at times..........Anyway, she realized that it would probably be much easier to design it herself instead of trying to teach me. Never does she mention her blog. Never. She does mention that she's been a reader (lurker) since I started (in April). I ask for her blog and she humbly gives it to me...That's when I started feeling like a real dork. I had been emailing back and forth with someone who was a very talented blog and web designer. I tried not to feel too small or untalented in that moment, reminding myself that we all have worth. I was so so so excited that she was making me a blinkie! EXCITED! I knew that whatever she made would be perfect.......all she asked for were the colors I had in mind. And look at it blinking over there to the right............isn't it not perfect? Needless to say.............a new blog look will be coming someday designed by the Miss Auntie Pea Shawn. I can hardly stand it......... Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would be able to afford something like this.........but LOOK! She is reasonable! Shhhh, don't tell her, she may soon realize her true worth and up her prices. So, I suggest if you are looking for a new banner...........get on it! If I wasn't already completely impressed with her computer skills, I start seeing that she is also a talented digital scrapbooking artist!
Here is one of her layouts.........digi layouts. She has such a hip look to her creations.She posts these To Do lists every now and then. I love them! What a great way to stay on task.

And these calendars are SO SO SO cute!

AND...........she sews!

She has an etsy shop, so if you see something you can't live without.......your in luck. Look at that ruffled purse!

Go visit the ever so talented Miss Shawn. She had a tough week and could use some bloggity love from a few of us creative souls.

psst..........she's got really cute hair!


Lisa Clarke said...

OH, I love that to-do list and calendar!

bethy said...

kim, you are so cute. i am so limited in the digi department, i couldn't even take your badge. what in the world would i do with it? code? well, where does that go?? :)

Elle Jay Bee said...

Wow, she is really reasonable with her design prices...and we know she is talented (that adorable blinkie...). I was thinking about you the other day, and wondering how much pressure is it to deliver a fresh, talented blogger each day?? That's a lot of work,(I find it hard enough somedays to come up with a fresh topic for mine each day). You do a great job, and always deliver!!!
Stop by and see me...I'm having my first blog give-away!! I'm a little overdue...


deb said...

Shawn rocks the casbah! :)

Anonymous said...

She's awesome. I love my blinkie.


Felicia said...

What a talent!

Anonymous said...

Wow, she is seriously so talented! That to-do list is beautiful!

Suzy said...

Wow I am so there. I need a blog design overhaul.

Anonymous said...

WOWEE!!! I open up your blog and what a change!! Looks great! I LOVE that To-DO list!!!!! Love it! Ok, time to mosey on over there!

Anonymous said...

I love, love, love her blog. She inspires me every day. Thanks for the feature!