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Friday, September 19, 2008

If you are still looking for ways to donate to the Nie Recovery, then head over to my friend Sande's blog. She has information about some digi designs. All proceeds go to Nie Recovery.

If you haven't sent your payment receipt to me, please do. I'd like to wrap this baby up by the end of the weekend.Thanks for all your well wishes.


Simply This and That said...

Kim, Although I wasn't able to participate in the auction, I just wanted to say THANK YOU ! You did a FABULOUS thing and I know you'll receive many blessings in return. I hope one of those blessings is healing in the loss of a friend. My thoughts and prayers are with you my bloggin friend. ooxx`jodi

Saucy said...

You must be just pooped, Kim. You did a wonderful thing here! We can't wait to hear the final tally!

Debbie @ said...

Kim are you exhausted? Oh my goodness, what an amazing experience for all of us but especially you!!! I went nuts when I saw the total. I am hoping even more comes in. But more than anything I hope the Nie family is a family once again. We are hoping and praying!
Thanks again!

Nancy Sabina said...

Kim, I'm sure you're wishing this was done with - but I never heard if the money was sent for the necklace I donated so I haven't shipped it yet. I don't want to be the one backing out, so I just wanted to check if there had been some miscommunication.

nancy dot sabina at gmail dot com