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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Make it Do!

While in Utah, Jyl from Mom it Forward and Marie from Make and Takes threw together a quick GNO (girls night out).  They sent emails to all their Utah blogging friends, we tweeted etc…to spread the word.  It was so nice of them, as I was so excited to meet a few bloggers!  image

Calli was there…..although I didn’t get a chance to talk her ear off like I do most people.  I do remember her telling me her blog had a quilt image for the header, which being a visual person, I knew right away she had been in my FFF for a bit…….and now here she was standing right there in front of me…….cute as a button.

I remember when I found her blog awhile ago…….

Make it Do.  If you’ve been reading my blog for some time, then you know I have a small love affair with recycling and that it drives me crazy when I go to Utah and see garbage overflowing on my sisters street.  So I was tickled pink to see this cute gal who not only is crazy talented but recycles, lives in Utah and makes do with what she has.  Such a great message and reminder for all of us.

Being from Utah……of course she sews….of course.  But even I could probably master my way with this craft. 

Tablecloth Weights!

She has GREAT tutorials if I do get lost.  imageMy sister and I were thinking that she really needs these.  Living near the canyon in Orem, she gets a wicked wind whipping through at night and we are forever smoothing the table cloth out. image We should have done this craft….All you need is some cute paper, a few hardware washers and some ribbon.    imageYou’ll need some outdoor Mod Podge too if you’re using the decorative paper.image Isn’t that adorable?  And see that rolled up napkin thing on the plate?  It’s actually a utencil holder roll up.  CUTE!  And yes, she has a tutorial.image

She dresses up her napkins with other things too.  As you can imagine…..these cute things could be used for a few other thingsimage Because she’s all about sharing………she shows you how to make just about everything on her blog.image Now this is a cute idea……but if you’re like me, you may wonder why you would EVER need a cute way to carry needles in your purse.  But apparently really crafty women need needles at any given time and why not carry them in a fashionable way.  :) 

Needle Matchbooks.

image Calli, is quite the holiday maven.  She’s got some GREAT ideas for just about every holiday you’d ever want to decorate for.

I particuallry liked this

Blueberry Heart Muffins

tutorial.  She used a marble to squish the paper in…….making a muffin shaped like a heart when baked.  SWEET!image When I first looked at the photo, before reading, I thought it was a gumball and wondered why you would want a gumball with your blueberry muffins.  image She makes hair bobs for each holiday too….this button was SO easy.  I had no idea.image And seriously….

Snowman in a box gift

Your neighbors are gonna think you’re middle name is Martha if you give these out……..unless you live where it doesn’t snow.  (tutorial on how to make the hat and scarf)image Easy way to

make a witches cauldron

…….very easy. So easy, I’m already planning on doing this for both planters on my porch. image This is more time appropriate.  You may want to get busy on these since….I hate to say it…….but school is right around the corner for some of you. 

Make your own book bag!

  So so cute.  (so is the little girl)image

Outdoor Candle Lights-

I have a fascination with them.  I imagine them hanging from all my trees…..I love the look of them.  She’ll show you how to make the wire part.image

And because she doesn’t like to waste money or resources….she decided to make her own swiffer cloths…….and you know it……she’s going to show you how too.image

Homemade Hummingbird nectar-

This is why I blog.  Because I need people to knock me over the head every once in a while.  Of course I can make my own!  WHY have I been buying all this time?  DUH!   image When you visit her blog, you’ll wonder how she got to be to talented…….until you see this quilt her mother made.  image I know…..there is a special place for these ultra talented women…..a good place…..even if they make the rest of us feel inferior.  Actually no time for that…….just head over and marvel in the creative amazement of Calli’s blog.


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thanks everyone…….feels good to be home.  I’m going to go recycle some boxes.


Mruna Mistry said...

that quilt is awesome! and quite funny too! wish i could make something like that!

Unknown said...

I am now a new loyal follower of Make It Do. super duper blog.

Unknown said...

Such great ideas! The tablecloth weights are adorable...going to keep up with her blog. Thanks for the introduction:)
Becky C
Buckets of Burlap

Danelle said...

You had me at "outdoor candle lights" & "make your own swiffer cloths"! Heading over there now!

Shell in your Pocket said...


sandy toe

Unknown said...

WOW - now if something here doesn't get your creative mojo flowing.....I don't know what will!?!
Thanks for all the inspiration today.....

rosemaryschild said...

What great ideas! Luv the tablecloth weights!

mary beth said...

Oh my heart! I am flipping for that gorgeous quilt! thanks for sharing this with us..I am feeling so inspired!

Anonymous said...

I'm your newest follower! How can you be obsessed with your numbers when you're over 3000? Holy Hannah! I'll be lucky if I hit 100! But I'm not as talented as you! Super great blog, total inspiration!

Tracy said...

Thanks so much for introducing us all to Calli at Make It Do! So many creative little time!!!!

A Soldier Girl said...

Her blog is awesome thanks for sharing. Love those washers. I had planned on making some necklaces out of some but after seeing this I have more options.

Sasha Holloway

Peggy said...

So many great ideas!! I love them all!
Thanks for sharing!

Calli Makes Do said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Calli Makes Do said...

Kim, wow... what a lovely feature! Thank you so much for the kind words. It was so fun to meet you... I only wish we had had more time to talk at dinner. Thank you again, I'm speechless. cheers, Calli

(that's better... no typos from me!)

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you featured Calli. I met her at GNO, but didn't get a card, so I couldn't find her blog. It's totally cute!!

P.S. Just thought you should know that I recycled today, even though I'm one of those Utah heathens. :)

Bethany @ The Paper Pony said...

SO cute! I make needle matchbooks! I guess great minds think alike!

Eric and Becky Neal said...

Love the tablecloth and weights! She makes everything look so easy....maybe I can do it!

Amy said...

I absolutely love that site- such great creative inspiration!!

Julie said...

What great "make it" ideas. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I've browsed her blog before! Love the ideas!

Paula ~ castleandcottagesigns said...

what a great the homemade swiffers!

Anonymous said...

She has such a cute blog. I am sad I didn't visit with her more... what a missed opportunity. sad- but happy you featured her so I can stop by and say hello!

care-in said...

I heart make it do!! Wondering if I'm brave enough to try the messenger bag.

amy smart said...

I love Calli and I love the theme of her blog - using what you've already got on hand! And making it look good (and taste good) in the process. She's a gem.