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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

not so random stuff

Ok, it’s the beginning of December, which means we are already feeling behind on decorating for Christmas……am I right?  But didn’t we swear we’re going to enjoy the season, not get stressed? 

Not So Random Stuff

I love her approach to Christmas decorations.  I had an Aha! Moment.  Thank you. 

She was feeling less than content with her Christmas decorations….but then she realized that she really wants her children to grow up with the familiarity of holiday decor through out their childhood.  AHA!  What a true and much needed statement that is. 

So she tries to take what she has and just reinvent new ideas every year.  Brilliant!  I am suddenly a little more excited to pull my old tired decorations out.  And I’m also excited to maybe try to make one of these pinecone banners….she added this to my Get Your Craft On.  DSC_0023_thumb2She has a tutorial for us. TUTORIAL!!!


Great idea!


Remember those Starbucks decorations last year?  I do.  I remember wanting to ask them if I could have one after the season was over.  Well, she must have had the same thoughts as me…….I wonder if she also drinks Iced Venti shaken Green Tea?   She decided to take matters into her own crafty hands and just make her own.  Do I smell another TUTORIAL?!!!  DSC_0001_thumb[2]

You can do this….I can do this! 

DSC_0034_thumb[2] This wreath below is beautiful……its that star!  The Star makes it, don’t you think?  It makes me think you could add anything to the center and have yourself a merry little Christmas……I mean have yourself a new wreath. 


OH NO SHE D’int!  Yes she did!  She just showed us up…….This idea below…….pure brilliance!  PURE BRILLIANCE!  She gets the mom award today.  This will make Christmas for all our little guys. 


You know all those amazing drawings our little people do?  You know the ones……the ones that make our heart melt.  She took a drawing her little one did, bought some graphite paper and transferred the masterpiece onto canvas.  I know!  Mother of the year.  She tells us how she did it…….so we can all be mother of the year.DSC_0015_thumb[12]But wait…….you did see my son’s paintings on my photo wall right? And I left them there during Thanksgiving…..I think I deserve Mother of the Year for that little gesture. 

Go visit this cute girl.  You won’t be sorry.  What I really love about her is she also got lost in Terrebonne Oregon.  Not everyone can say that.  Most couldn’t get lost in Terrebonne if they tried.  I guess you just have to be creative. 



Shell in your Pocket said...

So cute...I love every wreath!
sandy toe

Amanda said...

I agree, she had a wonderful blog. I'm already subscribed and trying to think of a way to turn that pinecone garland into something woodsy. A friend of mine loves the up north woods stuff (bears, moose, etc) and the pinecones fit in perfectly with that. Just trying to figure out what to replace the snowflakes with.

Nancy said...

I adore her pinecone garland. If I had a boy, that car train is fab!

SoBella Creations said...

I love the pinecone garland. Great idea!

Unknown said...

I love the wreath so much. All great ideas, cannot wait to use them :) Thanks your blog.

Unknown said...

great tutorials. I love all the creative projects everyone's sharing this season!

Bird said...

That's it!

I AM making the wreath with baubles! I have seen tons of ideas but none that spoke to me...until now!!!

Thanks and will let you know when I do do it:)

thanks again

Gina said...

Thanks Kim! Now I need to go clean my morning coffee off the keyboard, I got a bit excited when I saw this!

Yeah, we must be kindred spirits-starbucks, terrebone and all!

Have a great day and thanks again!

Nicolita Love said...

I love the wreath with the yarn balls and rick rack. So cute.

Kristen, pajama mama said...

that yarn ball wreath is so darling!

April said...

This is way cute! This is the first time I've ever commented on your blog, but I love it!

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Very talented person. I love all the creations.

Anonymous said...

Love. Love. Love that Christmas ball wreath!

Tanya said...

she is wonderful!

Moore Minutes said...

I recently found her blog and its a treasure! She is very talented. LOVE that Hot Wheel tree!!