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Monday, October 26, 2009

A Bushel and a Peck

Well now that half my readers are back………..just for the record…….I can never be quiet that long…’d be best to log into the site the old fashioned way just to check in.

Ok…..back to what I do…..bring you fabulous creative blogs.  My media partner Cindy with Skip to my Louher wanted to know why I hadn’t featured

A Bushel and a Peck.

Well……because I didn’t know about her!


Another LDS super mom with amazing ideas.  If you’re LDS, she shares some great tips for some of her callings.  Even if you’re not LDS.  Still great stuff.


It’s no surprise she’s organized.  So that explains her tidy nice looking photo collage’s.  I love that.  It’s very pleasing to look at. 

One Christmas she made……MADE these games for her family.  Great idea and I can imagine all the laughter…….and think about it for future generations.  What a gift.  I guess it helps that she’s a designer. She designs logos and all that fancy stuff.  That would explain her very cool blog design.


If you’re having a baby…………..and who isn’t if you’re LDS….but you want HER to throw you the baby shower.  Look at the cute baby shower invite!  She’s got skillz……



Look at the detail.  She’s good.  Her whole theme was Cravings.  LOL!  Love that. cravingshowerAnother baby shower………another example of all the many themes she creates.  Darling.


And yet another shower idea….I think this one may be a bridal shower?  Lots of practice there too.  Love this.  Who woulda thunk?  Circus…….

shower She also has some pretty cute parties for her children.  ella'sbdayI love the photo collages……..makes my job so easy.curiousparty  She also scrapbooks!  Of course she does…….looks like she’s doing digital.  Her style is very simple like one of my favorite “scrapbook celebrities”……who is actually on my facebook fan page!  Cathy Zielske……yes, I’m name dropping…..and while I’m at it, did I mention that I got to drive Lisa Bearnson around once?  seaworld05-06 She shares a lot about different events, calls, programs she does at her ward (church)…….I love how she shares idea for decor and ideas for covering up items that aren’t helping your theme……This looks SO good.  She got this idea from Stitch Market…..  A little wrapping paper goes a long way.DSC04267    And because she’s a super mom….she makes her own education books for her children.  She got this idea from Little Painted Piggies…..credits on her blog.  I’ve made a paper bag album before……with ribbons………just sayin….6a00e54ff987ff88340105361bc81e970c-320wiShe’s very creative in her daily life.  Her blog is full of nice photos, fun projects and cute kids.  Please let her know I sent you…….leave her a nice comment.  Enjoy!  


Come back tomorrow and link your latest creative project on my Get Your Craft On.  So many great ideas! 


Venezie Designs said...

Bushel and a Peck - my grandfather and mother sang this song to me as child and they now sign it to my kids - LOVE IT!


Suzanne in TX said...

What a talented gal! I think I am most impressed by the fact that you drove Lisa Bearnson around! I love watching her on QVC (I'm a Q addict!).
See you here tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Such cute things...and a handmade game...oh my!

Jamie :)

Melissa {polkadot chair} said...

oh I LOVE Angela! Her sister is in my ward here and I've been such a big fan for a long time!! She's working on a logo for me now.. she's a graphics genius!

Mommy Words said...

Wow this stuff is all awesome! Usually I just build things but all this crafty stuff is making my mind expand and get a little excited. Thanks fo the inspiration!

Unknown said...

wonderful stuff!!! so creative

Amy said...

What great ideas- I love this blog. Pick me, pick me! I so want to be featured on here ;)

SoBella Creations said...

Wow what a great site!!

Cher said...

Oh, how I love Angie's ideas---she is SOO good. I'm so glad she was featured. Well deserved!

Anonymous said...

Love her site! Thanks so much for spotlighting the blog.

Jessica said...

oh, i can't wait to check this site out...while we are name mom and dad are staying w/ lisa b. this weekend! soooo not far that i am stuck in NE while they get to go promote big ideas to provo crafts and stuff. :(

Kristen, pajama mama said...

Great! A feature just in time! I'm planning dd's birthday party right now!