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Monday, August 31, 2009

Get Your Craft On -TEST RUN

Get YOUR Craft on! Grab this image for your post!
It’s time to shake things up, it’s time to get crafty, creative, and inspired.

Show me and others what you’ve done to be crafty, creative or inspired. Just add your link and we’ll all check it out. Don't forget to grab a button for your blog post today. You're probably smarter than me, but it has to be entered under your HTML section.

We’ll be doing this on Tuesdays I think, but I was so excited to try out this Mcklinky thing.

  1. Wii Party w / t - shirt tutorial
  2. Cards For Kate - A Cupcake Card
  3. Teacher Gift - Altered Chalkboard
  4. re - fashioned little girl dress
  5. Adventures in Crafting!
  6. Fun applique tshirts for kids
  7. Marianne@songbir d (officechair redo)
  8. Dutchess goes crea
  9. Bathroom Vanity Redo
  10. Kari @ Ucreate {Stitching / Knitting}
  11. Fair Projects!!!
  12. Repurposed Spice rack!!
  13. PajamaMama (Junk Mail Mosaic Cards)
  14. Getting ready for preschool
  16. city quilt!
  17. Latest Creation at the A.L.
  18. Art Display
  19. My favorite layouts.
  20. Unique I am a Child of God Plaque
  21. Altered Purse Notebook
  22. Camera Strap Cover
  23. Burlap Bulletin Board
  24. Mod Podge Frame Tutorial
  25. Hernandez Family starts Halloween
  26. Hernandez Halloween Pt 2
  27. Clean Hands Soap Pump
  28. Bug Hunting Kit
  29. Restore Old Molding into Wall Sign
  30. Just Scrap It.
  31. Haunted Bird Houses for Halloween
  32. DIY Mini - Chalkboard
  33. Salt Dough Ornaments
  34. Card Table Playhouse
  35. Vintage Family Hand - me - downs
  36. Diaper Bag Tutorial
  37. Neapolitan Monkey Birthday Party
  38. MomUnscripteds Skateboarder Deco
  39. Summer Soiree Skirt!

  1. Cute Fly Swatter from a flip flop!
  2. Pocket Tissue Holder Cute Gift!
  3. THE GAINES GANG {Goodwill Re - do}
  4. JenandJuice : Barnyard Puppet Theater
  5. Her Hobby
  6. The Dress - up Drawer
  7. Create letters and paper topiaries
  8. Sumos Sweet Stuff
  9. Rounded Baby Burp Cloth w / pattern
  10. Along The Way : ChalkBoard Frame
  12. Super Cuddly Amigurumi Pear
  13. Shrinky Dink Logo Charms
  14. PamperingBeki {Sharp Shoes}
  15. Just Cuz Vinyl Lettering
  16. Diaper Cake Tutorial
  17. A Letter Wreath
  18. Angies TV Stand
  19. Back Pack Tags on VintageChicHome
  20. Altered Magnet Board
  21. Darling Backpack Tags
  22. Crocheted Neck Cozy
  23. Tinkerbell Birthday for 3 yr old!
  24. One Artsy Chick
  25. Ruthanne @ The Genco Journal
  26. Cigar Box with a Charcoal Portrait
  27. Thank You Note Cards
  28. Sugar Sweet Thoughts
  29. Stamptastic Creations
  30. Whats an F / stop? Tutorial / Discuss
  31. jcrew - y ruffle dress from a tshirt
  32. drink umbrella swizzle sticks
  33. Minnie Mouse Birthday Party
  34. Shopping Cart / Stroller Organizer
  35. Chalkboard Wall Organizer
  36. Corsage T - Shirt by Erin Bassett
  37. Leanne@Organize& Decorate Everything
  38. Hanging Girly Name Decoration!
  39. Pregnancy Journal

  40. You are next...
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Salihan said...

I've finally designed my own amigurumi pattern. These aren't your ordinary amigurumi. I've made mine with a twist. Check it out!

Heidi Boos said...

Too funny! I host a monthly craft challenge along this same theme...great creative, get crafty, get inspired. I have a monthly assignment and then everyone comes back to link up on the 1st Thursday of the month. Looking forward to also joining in here at Today's Creative Blog!

Dave said...

I've been sewing!

The Dutchess (a.k.a. Tat) said...

Great site :-)

Please check my site here:

Thank you :-)

Katie Jones said...

I love to do lots of crafty things, but my latest project was making a chore chart for my daughter.

Unknown said...

I have been on a makeover roll lately. My latest project was an office chair makeover. You can find it here:

girl meets carpenter said...

I'm no creative junkie (though I'd like to be) but this is what I came up with:

Heather said...

We just moved so I have been doing a lot of around the house crafty projects.


for starters!

Maria said...

I LOVE creating new things for my family...
Some of my latest projects include making a key rack, and a unique "I am a Child of God" plaque for my Son's bedroom.

(Tater-Tot Spot)

Lynn Kellan said...

I like to make applique tshirts for kids.

Katielin317 said...

I've been sewing...Here's the latest

Nancy Sabina said...

Hooray! Can't wait for Tuesdays so I can be inspired (and a bit ashamed ;)

Stephanie said...

What a great idea, Tuesday fun! I make these for Christmas as well and I'm thinking about Halloween. Hope you like them.
Happy Monday!!

Jingle said...

My most recent creative post is a card I made for a great cause!

V and Co. said...

i made a dress for my daughter out of a $2 skirt!

Unknown said...

For the skateboarder - window treatment!

Kelly said...

I have been working on planning my daughter's 8 birthday party. She has chosen a rainbow party.

Jennifer P. said...

I ordered new stools from a school supply company--will try to get a photo between now and tomorrow :)

Lacie @ Creative Attempts said...

This is so much fun i can't wait to go see what everyone made!! My latest is a repurposed spice rack into a craft rack.

Linda@CraftaholicsAnonymous said...

I've been making repurposed Home Decor and Designing and Sewing my own skirts. Check my new blog out at I also post on scrapbooking and bargain hunting.


Big Toe Mom said...

I just altered a notebook...
but the idea was not mine.
I am so excited to see what others come up with! woo hoo!
this might sound dumb, but I tend to get a headache if I don't get creative very often... it hurts my brain not to let those crafty juices flow!

Coltonsmommy09 said...

I started making my own cloth diapers. Don't know how creative that is but here is my blog - I just love it. Thanks

Kristen, pajama mama said...

Don't have to ask me twice..I love getting my CRAFT on and checking out others creativity.
Happy Monday, Kim!

Madison said...

Yay yay yay!! I made a link!!! Mine is "Fair Projects!!!"! Thanks a bunch!

Love, Madison

Robyn Devine said...

i'm knitting One Hundred Hats for charity! (

Christina said...

I'm not the most creative person... but I am giving away a blog design on my site... AND I can't wait to read all about everyone else's creativity!

Leanne said...

I love seeing everyone's creativity. Thanks for hosting.

Lynette said...

I love seeing all the fun blogs! And I love your name for it "Get your CRAFT on"...that's actually the name of my blog!!! Come check it out: