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Friday, June 19, 2009

Ikat Bag

If you sew, then you most likely already know all about this site. IKAT BAG. This girls is down right amazing……I’m not going to sugar coat it for you. She is in your face with so many free patterns, tutorials she even has me………someone with NO sewing ability at all believing that YES I could possibly make that. Now if she would just do a tutorial on how to thread a sewing machine, I may be in business.

I marvel at women who can sew………….really. I swear if I was as handy with fabric like her, I would have new pillows for my family room weekly….change it up…….because I could. Or I would have a princess house in the middle of my living room……….549593915_nqyfe-XLShe made that! SHUT UP! She has the free pattern on her site……..but beware……they are very detailed……She is such a smarty pants.

Princess Tent

Here is one of her bags. Love the kids’ drawing. This looks like it’s as durable as one of those Lands End bags. Very cute.536819202_2w7Jc-XLIt’s so not fair………she makes these wallets… much detail……..but I suppose anyone who can draw up those patterns is very much into detail. She’s the Einstein of sewing. And guess what……she doesn’t have an ETSY shop….she’ll do custom jobs if you need something, but she’s too busy with her little ones to promise regular trips to the post office….after my own heart.525285951_hN7hV-XL525288440_nwETe-XLSpeaking of little ones. You can also find many fun kid ideas on her site. Seriously…….Maise Cupcakes? Maybe she’s the cupcake genius too.

406883425_X83kC-XL406374973_AVxjR-XLBefore you go sulking over your cupcake talents…….she has a tutorial on making the cute little mouse. She has so many tutorials and organized so nicely. Her site is very user friendly. She doesn’t have all those messy ads cluttering up everything. :) (hey! it helps pay the bills and it helps my sponsors….so shush)406884150_yCvcw-XL406885026_9tPhL-XLFelt board for little ones……..I’ve always loved those.542030830_DCMa5-XLOrigami…… son loves Origami. She shows step by step instructions……….remember she’s into the details. I can’t wait for my son to try some of these.538870259_3JpeS-XLTotally forgot about this aquarium idea! Good wholesome arty fun for the kids……..and us.542039624_M6EL4-XLAnd I must end the photo fest with some strawberries! Of course she has a tutorial for all you talented people who sew. 517709432_6fTTJ-XL512139783_pjS6U-XL Many many ideas to spark your creativity. Everything from ideas to keep you busy or keep the kids busy! Enjoy…..don’t forget to leave her a comment……..don’t forget!


Diane said...

sounds like one talented lady! heading over to say hi.

LiEr said...

Kim- thank you for this incredible honor! I am so thrilled!

Rach said...

OMG she made the Princess Castle tent!!!!! I want one for me - forget the kids LOL!

icandy... said...

Oh my gosh!!!! I looove the princess house, the cupcakes and those tiny strawberries! Such creative women they are! Here's my wish...I just want to eat all of the mousie cupcakes inside of my princess tent, and I'll be on cloud nine!!!! :)

Lynn Kellan said...

Hot dang, I'm going over there right now to look at those free sewing patterns. Thanks for the heads up!

starnes family said...

I love felt boards. Need some for my little ones. Precious ideas!

Decor To Adore said...

I wonder if she has the pattern to make a tent for big girls? :)

This site is new to me. Thanks for sharing.

MaryAnne said...

I'm so glad you featured this blog - it's one of my absolute favorites, LiEr is a creative genius and she makes amazing tutorials!

Canyon Girl said...

I love to sew and have not seen her blog before. I'm so excited to go check it out. Thank you for sharing.