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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Gig Harbor Scrapper

Today I have a very special feature. My feature today happens to be a dear friend of mine. In real life. We met way back when we went to high school together. We continued to stay in touch through college and when she settled in Seattle, I would drive up for a fun weekend. We both love crafty things, LOVE SCRAPBOOKING........but I do think she's a bit more obsessed than I am and I'm pretty sure she'll agree. We both waited FOREVER to get married and both had our children in our mid 30s. We chat weekly (or whenever I remember to put my aol aim on) on AOL and have snuck off in the past for scrapbook retreats.

Gig Harbor Scrapper

Val is a sucker for traditions. It's all about traditions in her house. You can blame her mother. Her mother was a bargain chaser, daily organizer to be reckoned with. I remember her giving us a grocery list with what stores had this, and what coupons to was an all day event for us.......which we didn't mind at all. 2 highschool girls driving around and shopping all day......heaven. Back to the traditions..........She loves them. If you have a good one, pass it on to Valerie. I love how she's doing a Christmas countdown for her kids. Everyday she has something planned. Lots of great ideas. It doesn't have to take alot of extra time or be fancy.

One item that might be a little fancy..........but I suppose you could incorporate it into anything. It doesn't HAVE to be a pillow. Look at that cute reindeer! Take your child's foot and hand, paint it........and well, you know what to do.

And this one.........LOVE this idea. Buy a glass ornament, take the metal cap off. Fill with a few kernels of popcorn. Place in a paper bag and microwave a few seconds.
This was a gift to someone. She's all about gifts too. She's really good at being prepared.........Not one of my strong points. She made this with her Cricut I think.
She's also been busy for awhile making all these clipboards for Christmas.
I personally (no pun intended) love this one the most. I love the design she chose, the colors.......what a great gift.

I can't do a feature on Val without mentioning that she has about 14,000 sets of china. She loves her china. Got a question about china? Ask her........

This girl is a collector. She's tried to make me one..........but I have no class. She even took me to a high tea once in Victoria BC. I WAS the bull in the china shop.......I'm just an awkward soul in these fancy situations. I did feel better when she spit out one of the little sandwiches.........yes she did. Don't let her tell you otherwise.
More fun gift ideas..........

This is an excellent idea for a Christmas gift. I did a smaller version of this as a tag book for my mother. It's helped her SO much.
Val has a pretty good set up. She has the entire basement for her crafting. This is her organized room..........believe me it wasn't always like this......she's just like us......she had her crafty messy days...........she had a friend come over and help her organize and now it's PERFECT! I think they should come visit me.

This is the storage room........actually it used to be a bedroom.........a guest bedroom........I used to sleep in this room. But her scrapbook habit took why not turn it into a storage room? (see I told you she was more obsessed than me)

go tell Val hello, make her day!


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Tara Bennett said...

Bloggy friends are fun, but there's nothing quite like a real life friend in the flesh! Esp one that scrapbooks!

Julie said...

Adorable ideas. I love the reindeer!

Please come over to my blog and see a picture of my RED front door. I finally posted it.

Anonymous said...

it so creative
i like all the stuff
visit my another blog

gigharborscrapper said...

Thanks for the, I don't hold a candle to most these sites but thank you for the kind words...and yes, I did spit out an item at the Empress BUT it was a terrible tasting chocolate thing that just was awful. But we at least looked proper.

kristina said...

i love your banner! mind directing me to the maker? i'm thinking about new looks for the new year for my little place on the web.

thank you!

Anonymous said...

Awesome feature. The popcorn ornament is genius!!

Stephanie said...

What a lovely organized room. I envy her!

Heather said...

Gig Harbor is my favorite vacation spot. She's so lucky to live there!