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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Item No.5 & 6 & 7~ Holly Doodles!

Auction is getting HOT!
Holly from HollyDoodles is an amazing paper crafter........she was one of my first features here at TCB. Her kitchen caught my attention right away and I have never forgotten it. She is also getting ready to teach some classes. You must visit her site.........after you bid of course.

This sad story about Stephanie and Christian grabbed Holly's heart and she jumped right in to help. She wrote a beautiful post.........much better than my ramblings.
I am so excited to offer you these beautiful items. There are 3 different items up for bid. Thank you so much Holly.

Holly #1/ blue & brown photo board - Starting bid $25

The first is a large, 2 picture photo board. It's made from an old game board and is collaged with vintage wallpaper in shades of cream, brown, and blue. Starting bid $25.

Holly #2 / pink photo board- Starting Bid $25

Here are Holly's words about the piece.

"The second is especially endearing to me. I LOVE this one and really wanted to keep it, but today I felt led to donate it also. It's called "apron strings" and is another photoboard. Since apron strings are always associated with motherhood, I thought this was perfect for an auction for such a loving mother. There are actually two ties from an apron snipped off and used as embellishment. The only thing to mention is that the flower on the very bottom will be slightly different than shown. Everything else is exactly as pictured."

Holly #3 / Pink earrings - Starting bid $20

Made with vintage swarovski drops. They are wire-wrapped to a tiny little rhinestone disco ball with oxidized sterling silver wire and hang from oxidized sterling silver ear wires.

There are 3 separate items to bid on for this post. Please stipulate which item you are bidding one. #1,2, or 3.

Please include your email address if your comments don't link to your blog. Rules posted below. Live listings down below. Keep scrolling for more treasures.


Valarie said...

I would love to bid on item #1..THe double frame.. for $25.oo Love, Valarie

JAO said...

I would like to bid $25.00 on item #2.
Bless Christian and Stephanie, they are in my prayers.

Kimberly said...

I would like to bid $25.00 on item #3. So beautiful! Bless christian and Stephanie, They are in my prayers also.

Carissa(GoodnCrazy) said...

Oh now THOSE earrings are perfect! I bid on number 3 the earrings. Is there an increase increment I must go by? Make mine $30 please!

shawn said...

Sorry, not a bid, but Great Job helping out the Nielspons! Gorgeous things for auction.

leslie said...

I am short on funds and therefore cannot bid but would love to donate something to this cause. I make stain glass items and if you think you would like to post something from me just let me know.

Suzie Button said...

Hi, This is Suzie Button. I will bid $45.00 for the number two frame from you, Holly. I LOVE your craftiness! Also, I have been having and will continue through the end of September to give 100% of my profits on my Friday flea market and First Friday blog at, so please everyone stop by! My main blog is Blessings to Nie and Christian and their children and family. Such a beautiful family!

Donita Porter said...

I would like to bid 35 on blue Frame #1. email

Valarie said...

I would like to raise my bid to $45 on frame #1. God Bless this family.

Valarie said...

Hi, it's Valarie,,,yipee I won. My email is the same as i put on my thanks a million...