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Thursday, April 10, 2008

And the winner is..........

Summer's Camp is the Winner!
How thrilling!
I'm so excited.


{B}dreamy said...

NO WAY!!!! You're kidding, right?! If you are, that is very mean of you. But that is my name, and that is my blog, so I'm going to have to pick my jaw off the floor, swallow my heart back down my throat and shout HALLELUJAH! You totally made my. I just may cry out of pure joy... thanks so much, Kim!!! *B

Jill -Forever and Ever House said...

Happy Anniversary Kim! I missed reading your blog for a few days and just read that you are celebrating your anniversary! Congratulations!

Nancy Sabina said...

Did you see Donny and Marie hosting the Miss USA thing last night? I thought of you and your obsession the whole time.

ellencrimitrent said...

HI Kim,
Happy Anniversary!! April is a powerful month to say the least, my bday was the 10th so there you have it!
I missed the giveaway but I usually never win anthing anyway except my brother gave me some scratch tickets for my bday and I won 55.00!

You have given people like me a place to shine and we appreciate it!! Although I am still having trouble getting traffic I am working on it!!

I am hoping to have an Etsy shop soon, so I will keep you posted!!

xo Ellen