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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Liberty Post

I know it's been hit and miss with my posting lately. Life gets busy, as I know you all understand that one. My post today is all about getting a lot of bang for your buck.

I find Liberty Post not only full of fun things to look at, but she leaves me with thoughts to ponder. I love her attitude and tell it like it is personality......only to be true to herself. She bold, she's caring......she has something to say.

Her site has a full array of information........crafty things, bargains, photography.......great photography, food.........I leave feeling good every time I visit.
At first when I saw this photo, I thought...... "this girl is serious.......she keeps her magazines in plastic sleeves?.......really?" but what she really does is tears out the pages that inspire her......then places them in plastic sleeves for later viewing. Sounds like a great idea.......although that would require more time than dropping them into a basket like I do. :)She also knits.......but what I love about this photo is the bag. I love that bag.

So many things going on with this bottom photo.......first of all, just let me say.......anyone who can pull of wearing these rings has gotta be cool. Me? I would just look like I was wearing my mothers jewelery........I couldn't pull it off. Then of course the blue water, the shell AND those rings.......another great photo. It's the kind of photo you can stare at for a very long time.
I mentioned that she takes great photos? This q-tip photo is so cool..........Yes, I know it's only q-tips......but sometimes the coolest things are already around us, we just have to find them.The symmetry pulled me in.

There is no doubt she has style.........would love to see more of her home. hint hint.I hope you enjoy Liberty Post. Really, there is something there for everyone, really! Fashion, Food, Crafty stuff, and she even directs you to a few great blogs. Finding more blogs is always good.

I will leave you with something she has on her side bar. I love this girl.

My Dream
"My dream is to drive around the world pulling a shiny Airstream behind me. My Golden Retriever sitting in the passenger seat reading maps. A decent-sized purse. All critical travel items tossed inside. My camera. Baby-Cam. Laptop. My journal. My gouache paints, brushes and fine-tip sharpie pens. My sunglasses. Comfortable shoes. A great pair of jeans, long-sleeved (white?) man's shirt, suspenders, silver jewelry and push-up bra just in case I find a cake baker or coffeehouse on the side of the road along the way. I would pay someone to stay home to wash my baseboards and I wouldn't feel guilty at all for having a minimalist mantel. I would just keep on traveling until all the stories that I need to tell were complete. Then I'd go home and have a bath." - Liberty Post


karey m. said...

i agree. she is too cool. i could live in her blog...a life chock-full of inspiration and i'd surely never get bored.

nice post. i like kindness.

{B}dreamy said...

Hey, I save my inspiration in sleeves, too! Unless it's online... I have a butt-load of bookmarks/favorites, believe you me! *B

Melody said...

I do the notebook thing too. I have them sorted out in different notebooks; like one for decorating, one for photography, one for crafting, etc. The only magazines that I keep all together are my beloved scrapbooking mags.

And for online journals, blogs, and various other sources of inspiration....I print a good portion of those resources out and save them in notebooks too. Or I save the web page as a digital file and burn it to CD for further use later on. That way I'm not so confined by my favorites list (bookmarks).


Carolyn said...

Another good one. Thanks!


Oh my goodness! This is such an honor to be featured on your blog. I just adore TCB and I visit daily. Thank you so much for all your kind words and support. It means so much to me. You will never know how this has brightened my day - really did - in a big way. xoxoxo Liberty Post

Elle Jay Bee said...

Liberty post is one of my favourites!! Her blog is like a smorgasboard of thoughts and ideas...all worth sampling!!
Oh, and she's Canadian, like me!!

Great pick, Kim!!

Anonymous said...

I've been lurking on Liberty Post for a short while now... SHE ROCKS!!!! I love er sense of humor!

Kyle Elizabeth said...

ooooo i have the same bag!! i actually have an entire set of fun 'boss lady' things from a company called blueq. ( they have alot of bizarre shopping bags that are perfect for carring around everything that you need - including 15 skeins of yarn, 12 knitting needles, scissors, extra scissors, thread etc etc etc.... it all fits! (ok, maybe i carry too much in my bag??)

Mrs. B said...

Oh, I like her. Funny, smart and talented. Can't beat that!

Painted Pink Pot said...

Wow, The magazine idea is awesome.

twinkle teaches said...

wonderful blog candy

Jennifer P. said...

i have all my inspiration sheets just sitting in a basket too--but the plastic sleeves look much better :)! Looks like she's one talented lady! Off to take a look now!

Anonymous said...

Liberty post is one of my favourites,

Anonymous said...

i just saw that bag at books a million, so you might want to check it out!

really cute too!

Saucy said...

I have binders, filled with sleeves, itemized by category. Nerd.