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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Funky Finds!
A quick trip to her site will leave you wanting things you never knew existed. This is a great site to be inspired for creating something different or a great site for gift ideas. She is a shopper! I love how she finds items that are off the beaten path. She's got the gift to find that perfect something. She's an original and oh so creative in her shopping................and I found her after she found me. I love that!

Hey guys, thanks SO much for all the great comments. I can't wait to visit your sites. And did you see? We hit over 10,000!
Please send me your favorite creative blog, or maybe it's yours? Send it!


Funky Finds said...

how exciting! thank you!

Meghan said...

Kim, thank you for this blog.
I was checkign out other's comments, cause I'm nosey & I found a blog that led me to a store where I could order a silver glitter welcome sign that I have wanted for forever now!!!
I have searched the net, local, everywhere.
Thank you!

Anonymous said...

my favorite creative blog IS mine! i am having so much fun keeping a blog. keeping track of the little things in life that i want my kids to remember.
i don't sell anything . . . it's just our family life and all the stuff we do. i love photography. i LOVE to scrapbook. I love art. i am challenging myself in creative ways a lot this year.
so stop by anytime!
i love to see all the new blogs you find! new inspiration everyday!