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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Cherry Hill Cottage

(somehow the comments were turned can now comment on CherryHill Cottage)

Tina is as sweet as the sweet tea I imagine her serving. Once again, I see myself sitting at her table having a piece of pie. I feel like I have met so many wonderful ladies. I still think we should do a Creative Blogs Luncheon.

Anyway........Tina's Cherry Hill Cottage in Texas is cute cute cute. I love all the toile......pronounced TWall........:) Love how she incorporates all her reds with the black TWall. :) You know how I love red. She is a thrifter, flee market queen and finds the delight in creating something out of the her treasures. I love it when someone can mix several fabric designs and make it work.

I love the idea of a tea cup chandelier with bird seed in it...........CUTE! I may have to try that idea.
Her photos are so inspiring...........I may even clean my house tonight.

Go give Tina some love.........tell her I sent you.


Meghan said...

I so want to live in her house!
She is very inspiring & has given me tons of ideas for microsmall kitchen.

Elle Jay Bee said...

I automatically went to this website and loved it. You are certainly bang on with your picks!! If you have the time, have a look at my blog, I'd love to know what you think!

Lissa Ballard said...

I wanna live here too...

Pls Meghan, wanna share? LOL